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Exagonal RoomsSOS Sine Wave Noise Box


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Exagonal Rooms SOS

The Exagonal Rooms SOS or Sine on Sine is a noise box great for drones, noise, and squelchy tones. The SOS features two sine wave oscillators which have control for amplitude and frequency with a four-position range switch. Wave one can be used to modulate the frequency of wave two, set by the mod amount control. The waves are fed into a resonant lowpass filter to shape their harmonic content.

SOS also features a noise controlled and a drone machine mode. The drone machine mode allows for one of the sine waves to modulate the cutoff of the lowpass filter. A touch point is also available that modulates both the noise and sine waves with a touch of your finger. This noise box is capable of complex, textural, and dense sounds, don't underestimate it.

SOS Features

  • Noise box
  • Two sine wave oscillators with four frequency bands
  • Lowpass filter
  • Wave one modulates wave two
  • individual level and master gain control
  • Includes touch point to modulate the oscillators
  • Noise controlled mode
  • Drone machine mode
  • PSU not included
  • 9V center positive DC (not included)
  • 188 x 133 x 37 / 39 mm/7.4 x 5.2 x 1.5"
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