Eurodesk-ZHEX-01 + JS-DMS50 Desktop Mic Stand Bundle


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Eurodesk-Z HEX-01 + JS-DMS50 Desktop Mic Stand Bundle

If you find yourself getting lost in your collection of modular patch cables, tidy things up with the rock solid pairing of the HEX-01 Cable Hanger from Eurodesk-Z with Ultimate Support's JS-DMS50 desktop mic stand. Plenty of patch cables can be stored on the HEX-01, in fact well over 400 3.5mm cables can fit within its steel, laser-cut teeth. But Eurorack users aren't the only ones that can benefit—banana and TTS Bantam cables fit too!

As far as desktop mic stands go, you'd be hard pressed to find one more capable than the heavy-duty JS-DMS50. Despite its diminutive size, the round weighted base keeps things stable, even when the hanger is loaded up with cables. Repurpose that unused corner of your desk or spare nightstand for your patch cables with this HEX-01 and JS-DMS50 bundle.

HEX-01 + JS-DMS50 Desktop Mic Stand Bundle Features

  • HEX-01 cable hanger + desktop mic stand bundle
  • Steel cable hanger laser cut from 14-gauge steel
  • Holds over 400 standard 3.5mm patch cables
  • Sized to accomodate 3.5mm cables, stackcables, banana cables, and TTS Bantam cables
  • JS-DMS50 stand extends up to 12.25" height
  • Round, weighted base
  • Hanger material: 14ga laser-cut steel, powder coated black
  • Stand height: 8"–12.25"
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