Eskatonic ModularObsidian Studio Active Busboard Kit


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Eskatonic Modular Obsidian Studio Active Busboard Kit

An ideal choice for titanic Eurorack systems, Eskatonic Modular's Obsidian Studio Busboard is chock full of power and designed for stellar performance under heavy loads. This board's hybrid design combines the best of switching and linear power regulation systems, promising low noise and stable usage day after day. Boards can be easily chained together through the use of Quick-Clip cables, and several bus boards can be reliably powered from a 15VDC brick with sufficient amperage.

Obsidian Studio Active Busboard Kit Features

  • Hybrid design combining switching and linear regulation
  • Super low noise and minimal voltage ripple
  • Connect to power entry modules with Quick Clip connections, or whip up custom wiring to the screw terminals
  • Runs off of 15VDC power bricks
  • Includes white mounting board and Quick Clip cable
  • Pairs with a power entry module, like Eskatonic's 1U and 3U options
  • Eurorack Modular Power System Busboard
  • 16 power headers
  • Power output: 3A @ +12V, 1.4A @ -12V, 3A @ 5V
  • Compatible with 15VDC power bricks
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