Erogenous TonesRadar Octo Envelope

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Erogenous Tones Radar

The Erogenous Tones Radar is an onto-slope generator of the highest order. It affords the ability to loop envelopes as well as create AD envelopes and AR envelopes. Each of the envelopes can be manually or remotely altered from linear to exponential using the corresponding Speed and Shape CV inputs.

Things get really crazy when reconfiguring how the module treats incoming triggers. When in analog mode, the module responds like a classic slope generator, meaning the frequency isn’t held in accordance with changing Rise and Fall times. Conversely, when the Radar is operating in digital mode, it maintains the frequency despite any changes, meaning the unit is capable of waveshape LFOs and audio rate oscillations. For those that want to take things even further, Erogenous Tones has built an expander module, Blip, that opens up further modulation potential.

Radar Features

  • 8 channels of AD/AR envelopes
  • Envelope shape is selectable between logarithm, through linear to exponential.
  • Repeating mode turns envelopes into LFOs
  • The input of each channel is normalized downward for cascading envelopes
  • Quadrature mode for cascading LFOs
  • Octature mode for dual quadrature
  • Aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
Product Demo Videos
Erogenous Tones Radar and VC8
Using the Erogenous Tones Radar and VC8 to gate and modulate sound sources from the rest of the modular rig. Some of the Radars slope generators are triggered by the Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm and used as envelopes, and some are cycling and used as LFOs. The VC8 is used as both VCAs for gating rhythmic sounds and as a mixer.

RADAR, from Erogenous Tones, is the one stop shop for Envelopes and LFOs. It is a monstrous octo-slope generator with options for looping envelopes, Attack-Decay envelopes, and Attack-Sustain-Release envelopes. Envelope shapes can be morphed from logarithmic to linear to exponential, with CV inputs for modulation of speed and shape. Also included are switches to adjust how RADAR responds to triggers, analog and digital. In analog mode, it responds like a classic slope generator, with the frequency not held steady when changing the rise and fall times. In Digital mode, it maintains the frequency when the shapes are changed, turning the RADAR into waveshapable LFOs and even audio rate oscillators. There is nothing quite like this modulation machine. 
Erogenous Tones Radar Octo Envelope Reviews