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Erica Synths Fusion Mixer V3

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Erica Synths Fusion Mixer V3

The Fusion Mixer from Erica Synths is a versatile mixer with a sound of its own. This mixer can operate as two independent 3 channel mixers with separate outputs (to run as two mono sources or as one stereo source), or as one 6 channel mixer with a single output. The Fusion Mixer also features real tube overdrive acheivable when any of the input knobs is turned above roughly 3 o'clock. Some interesting compression effects can result when using it to mix drums and pushing the input volume. This mixer sounds great, and the added tube warmth is a touch scarcely found in the world of modular.

Fusion Mixer V3 Features

  • 6 audio inputs
  • Two independent 3-input mixer
  • Sum of all 6-inputs
  • Soft tube overdrive
  • Input signal level
  • up to 20V ptp
  • Output signal level
  • 10V ptp
  • Mixer GAIN
  • 1Power supply
  • bipolar +-12V, eurorack standard and Erica Synths 6VAC PSU
  • Power consumption
  • Tube heater PSU configuration: 10mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V, 300mA@6VAC
  • Eurorack PSU configuration: 160mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V
  • Module width
  • 14HP
  • Module depth
  • 25mm
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