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Erica SynthsBlack VCO


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Erica Synths Black VCO

The Black VCO, from Erica Synths, is a refinement of their dual oscillator set, the Black Varishape VCO 1 and 2. It is roughly inspired by the architecture of the Polivoks VCO, but instead of harsh logic-divided suboscillators, the Black VCO uses transistor based circuits to generate a slightly more rounded square wave. It contains simultaneous Sine, Tri, Saw, Pulse and Suboctave outputs, with 1V/Oct tracking over 8 octaves, an FM input with attenuator, a Sync input, and Pulsewidth mod with a pulsewidth offset control. 

When paired with the Black VCO Expander, waveforms can be mixed in a variety of ways, providing a larger timbral sound palette. It also provides two octaves of suboctave outputs. 

Black VCO Features

  • Simultaneous sine, triangle, saw and pulse wave outputs
  • -1 octave suboscillator
  • Manually adjustable and CV controlled
  • Pulse width control and mod input
  • Great tracking across 8 octaves
  • Exponential FM input with attenuator
  • Synchronization input
  • Octave switch – 5 octaves
  • Skiff-friendly design
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: Skiff friendly
  • Current Draw: 40mA@+12V, 36mA@-12V
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