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Erica Synths Black LFO

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Erica Synths Black LFO

The Erica Synths Black LFO is a unique and exceptional LFO module that offers waveform selection, a frequency divider/multiplier, frequency synchronization, and tap-tempo features. In addition to audio mode, the input can be gated to use the module as a key follower and there is an internal VCA circuit governing the LFO amplitude.

Black LFO Features

  • LFO-Based Broad Function Utility Module
  • Frequency Control – Sets desired LFO Frequency
  • LFO LED Indication – Indicates LFO Output State
  • LFO Waveform Select Control – Selects Desired LFO Waveform of 7 available
  • Tap-Tempo Button – set LFO Frequency
  • Tap-Tempo LED Indication – Indicates Tap Rate
  • Divide Control – Divide or Multiply LFO Frequency by Value set by this knob
  • Built-In VCA that controls LFO Signal Amplitude (VCA Auto-Loops if no Gate is applied)
  • Hold/Attack Control – Sets value for VCA, Up ramp for Auto-Loop (For standard LFO operation set this knob fully CCW)
  • Decay Control – Sets desired Decay Time (For standard LFO operation set this knob fully CW)
  • Hold/Attack Select Switch – If Hold Mode is selected, LFO Signal is 0 for time set by the knob (0-2”) and then rapidly reaches 5V
  • External Sync Input – Apply External Clock Signal here to synchronize LFO Frequency to the External Clock
  • Gate Input – For Built-In Key Follow Function – patch Gate here and LFO will start only when Gate is high; when Internal VCA is used, the LFO Signal Amplitude will follow ASR or HSR envelope
  • CV Input – Apply LFO Frequency CV here and alter LFO Frequency
  • LFO Output
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10 HP Width
  • 25mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 25mA @ +12V, 13mA @ -12V
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