Erica SynthsFusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ring Modulator


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Erica Synths Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ring Modulator

The Fusion series VCA/Waveshaper/Ring modulator combines three synthesis functions into one panel, with analog design using two vacuum tubes as other entries Erica Synths Fusion series do. Although it can act as such, it's not a traditional VCA but something that takes those concepts to a new and exciting realm. The VCA can behave in two different ways; Direct which is more like a traditional VCA, and Biased which unlocks the full waveshaping potential. The CV inputs aren't mixed like in a traditional VCA but control different aspects of the two vacuum tubes. The bias settings control both amplitude and waveshape, and can even invert incoming audio signals. There are two inputs present, with input one normalled into input two. These two inputs can be crossfaded between, mixing the two input channels or giving precedence to one or the other. For example, this can be useful when inputting two different waveforms from a single oscillator. The outputs of the VCA are normalled into the ring modulator inputs, but any signal external signals could be patched in as well for use separate from the VCA section. The two outputs behave differently, so experiment with routing and input sources. The mix output has additional overdrive added to it for even more crunch and distortion, meaning this module can do everything from traditional amplification to overdriven destruction, with a wide range of sound in between.

Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ring Modulator Features

  • VCA, waveshaper, and ring modulator
  • Dual vacuum tube design
  • Two CV inputs affect different parts of the vacuum tube circuit
  • Bias control adds waveshaping and can invert incoming signals
  • Overdrive control adds additional grit
  • Crossfade between the two inputs
  • Biased or direct modes
  • Ring modulator with normalled inputs from the VCA outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Current draw: 48mA @ +12V, 69mA @ -12V
Erica Synths Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ring Modulator Reviews