Erica SynthsDas Kleine Fusion Tube-Based Eurorack System


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Erica Synths Das Kleine Fusion

Das Kleine Fusion from Erica Synths brings together a collection of their famous Fusion series tube modules together for a powerful system with a huge sound. If you're looking for the devastating sound of tube-based circuitry in modular format, this system will be perfect for you.

The oscillator section is comprised of two Fusion VCO v2s: analog tube oscillators that feature a rich sound that includes three waveform outputs and a BBD delay-based frequency shifter that emulates two detuned VCOs. Tube crunch, a pronounced tube overdrive is also present for a distinctive sound. For filtering, Erica Synths included the Fusion VCF v3, a combination tube/vactrol 24dB/oct low pass filter. This provides a soft filtering that is a pleasant counterpoint to the harshness often found in tube modules. One of the most useful features is the CV recorder which can be used to record and automate the frequency of the filter using the record CV knob.

A complex modulation source, the Fusion Modulator is comprised of several function blocks that combine to animate the rest of the modules in the system. It includes two EMS-style looping envelopes with both unipolar and bipolar outputs, plus a VCA, noise source, and sample and hold. Finally, the Fusion VCA/Waveshaper/Ring Modulator, brings together these three important synthesis functions. It controls both amplitude and waveshape of signals that are patched into it, with the two CV inputs applied to different stages of the VCA signal path.

All these modules are housed in an 84HP case and 20 patch cables are included.

Das Kleine Fusion Features

  • Eurorack tube system
  • Two Fusion VCO v2
  • Fusion VCF v3
  • Fusion Modulator
  • Fusion VCA/waveshaper/ring modulator
  • Comes in an 84hp case
  • Includes 20 patch cables
  • 84hp, one row skiff case
  • Power supply included
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