Erica SynthsBlack System III Modular Synthesizer


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Erica Synths Black System III

Black System III from the renowned Latvia-based manufacturer Erica Synths is a complete modular synthesizer system in Eurorack format, designed to be the ultimate tool for performance, electronic music composition, and mind-melting sound design. The instrument is packed with powerful modules from the brand's Black series, collectively forming a well-balanced collection of purely analog and brazenly digital synthesis blocks.

The core sound source modules in the Black System III are a pair of Black VCO2, and a zesty Black Wavetable VCO. The dynamics within the system is managed by a generously included duet of Black Quad VCA2, as well as a dedicated low pass gate. The control and modulation tools within the system include Black EG, Black Modulator, Black Sequencer, and Black Joystick2. The wide variety of modulators and sound sources is also supported by a healthy selection of utility modules—Black Mixer/Splitter, Black CV Tools, and Black Output. Finally, the system wouldn't be complete without a well-rounded set of sound processing modules. The system does not disappoint here either, by adding some of their best-loved effects modules—Black Stereo Delay, Black Hole DSP2, plus the new Black Multimode VCF.

All the modules are perfectly fit into a two-row 104 HP light-weight aluminum case, making the system easy to travel with, even when fully patched. Suitable for both experienced synthesists and those just starting their Eurorack journey—Black System III, without a doubt, has everything to become someone's dream instrument.

Black System III Features

  • A complete eurorack modular system in 2x104HP
  • Performance ready
  • Features a wide selection of Erica Synths Black series modules
  • Sound generators: 2x Black VCO2, Black Wavetable VCO
  • Dynamics modules: 2x Black Quad VCA2, Black LPG
  • Modulators: Black EG, Black Modulator, Black Sequencer, Black Joystick2
  • Sound processors: Black Stereo Delay, Black Hole DSP2, Black Multimode VCF
  • Utilities: Black Mixer/Splitter, Black CV Tools, Black Output
  • Comes in light-weight aluminum travel case with lid
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 104hp
  • Depth: Universal PSU included
  • Current draw: 30 varied-length patch cables included
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