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Epicycloid Engineering Illuminox Prime

Illuminox Prime is a power supply module specially designed for Epicycloid Engineering's range of tube-based Eurorack modules, providing 200V of power to such modules as the Turbo Entubulator and Voluptron. Eliminating the various issues with running tube-based modules solely on a standard Eurorack supply, Illuminox prime provides all the power needed to keep those tubes nice and toasty in optimal operating condition.

Illuminox Prime is designed for use ONLY with Epicycloid's line of tube-based Eurorack modules. The required external 15VAC adapter is included with purchase.

Illuminox Prime Features

  • Power supply specifically designed for Epicycloid Engineering's tube-based modules, including the Voluptron and Turbo Entubulator
  • Provides high voltages required for tube operation without adding strain to your standard Eurorack PSU
  • Includes 15VAC adapter with universal AC input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 80mm
  • Current draw: Power via external 15V, 4A PSU
Product Demo Videos
Epicycloid Turbo Entubulator & Voluptron Vacuum Tube Eurorack Modules
Epicycloid Engineering has two vacuum tube based modules and a dedicated power supply module for them. The Turbo Entubulator is a module that breaks out all of the functions of a 6AR8 tube to be voltage controlled and used with your other eurorack modules. This module can be used as a VCA, ring modulator, distortion/saturation effect, waveshaper and probably many other uses when patched in different ways.

The Voluptron is a four pole lowpass ladder filter, but with tubes instead of transistors.

Both of these modules receive 200V power from the Illuminox Prime module to make sure the tubes are running at full power.
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