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877.909.0303 Shuttle System (Black)

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The Shuttle System from is a comprehensive eurorack synthesizer voice comprised of 5 of their most acclaimed modules. It includes Shuttle Control, Grand Terminal, Gateway, Furthrrr Generator, and Cockpit.

Shuttle Control is a superb MIDI-to-CV converter. Grand Terminal is a tripartite filter bank, function generator, and FX processor. Gateway is a dual unity mixer and polarizer for quick voltage inversion, scaling, and offsetting. Furthrrrr is a dual oscillator with a triangle core and an integrated waveshaper. Cockpit is a 4-channel stereo mixer with some seriously snazzy sidechaining capabilities. Together, these modules form a powerful modular synthesizer system that can be configured and reconfigured for a variety of endeavors.

Shuttle System Features

  • Comprised of 5 modules
  • Shuttle Control - MIDI/USB-to-CV
  • Grand Terminal - Filterbank, Function Generators, FX Processor
  • Gateway - Dual Unity Mixer, Scaler, Polarizer, Offset
  • Cockpit - 4-Channel Stereo Mixer with sidechaining capabilities
  • Furthrrrr Generator - Dual Oscillator with Waveshaping
  • Width: 84hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Enclosure: Housed in Frap Tools case
  • Power: Includes PSU Shuttle System (Black) Reviews
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