Endorphin.esNEW Godspeed Auto-Tuning Thru-Zero VCO (Black)


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Endorphin.es NEW Godspeed

NEW Godspeed is an enhanced version of the Endorphines compact oscillator, redesigned as a precision hybrid triangle-core VCO with auto-tuning capabilities. Offering either analog 1V/Oct or digital TRS MIDI inputs, NEW Godspeed features handy tuning features that can instantly adjust the module's frequency, with the option to then lock the oscillator in place to avoid accidentally knocking it out of tune. From there, you can apply thru-zero frequency modulation either with the internal sine wave oscillator or an external sound of your choosing. A timbre knob introduces wavefolding, effectively completing a full complex oscillator architecture within NEW Godspeed's mere 6hp size. Grab a compact and versatile sound source with reliable tuning in the form of NEW Godspeed by Endorphines.

NEW Godspeed Features

  • Compact thru-zero oscillator
  • Features both 1V/Oct and TRS MIDI inputs
  • Incorporate Endorphines Autopilot tuning
  • Internal modulation oscillator for 2-operator FM
  • Sub oscillator and wavefolder onboard
  • Folded sine wave and even/odd harmonic outputs
  • Supports both TRS Type-A and Type-B MIDI
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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