EmbodmeErae Touch MIDI 2.0 and MPE Pad Controller


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Embodme Erae Touch

The Erae Touch from Embodme is a powerful MIDI 2.0 and MPE-compatible MIDI controller that brings a fully customizable interface to your fingertips. The design includes 1000 incredibly responsive Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs) that pick up every input with less than 1ms latency. It features a large playable surface, brightly colored to give you immediate feedback of every parameter. Customize the layout using the companion app. Creating a layout is as easy as dragging and dropping elements. These elements range from piano-style keyboards to sequencers and X/Y/Z pads. The surface is a single silicone surface that allows the multi-color LEDs to shine through and perfectly picks up inputs from the light touch of a finger to the pounding impact of a drum stick. Get polyphonic slide, pitch-bend, and after-touch with three axes of movement. Set the X/Y/Z controls for either absolute (positions) or relative (displacements). Generate expressive, dynamic results using this pad controller that pushes the limit of what a MIDI controller can do.

Erae Touch Features

  • Polyphonic MIDI controller
  • MIDI 2.0 and MPE-compatible
  • 1000 FSRs capture your inputs
  • 1ms latency
  • Fully customizable with drag-and-drop companion software
  • Range of interface elements
  • MPE-compatible with polyphonic pitch-bend, slide, and after-touch
  • Three-axis X/Y/Z inputs
  • Velocity curves range from finger touch to drum sticks
  • Bright and responsive LED interface
  • Control up to five parameters with a single touch
  • Durable silicon surface
  • Scale buttons
  • Selectable layout buttons
  • USB-C and MIDI 2.0 TRS
  • Connectivity: USB-C and MIDI TRS
  • Latency: <1ms
  • Materials: Molded silicone surface, aluminum back-panel
  • Power: 12V DC (included)
  • 404 x 244 x 16.5mm/15 x 9.6 x .6"
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Embodme Erae Touch MIDI 2.0 and MPE Pad Controller Reviews