Elta Music Polivoks Mini Analog Synthesizer (White) - Russian Text

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Elta Music Polivoks Mini

Polivoks Mini from Elta Music is the company’s homage to the classic Soviet synthesizer, the feisty Formanta Polivox. While maintaining the same iconic sound, Elta managed to simplify the design, improve original circuitry where it was needed, and significantly reduce the overall footprint of the synth. The oscillator now has a much more stable tuning, while the filter retains its much-loved and highly recognizable grit.

This version of the Polivox Mini comes with a stylish minimalistic red text on white background layout and features authentic Russian labels.

Polivoks Mini Features

  • Classic synth in a compact enclosure
  • MIDI-controllable over 5-pin DIN or USB
  • Improved tuning stability of the oscillator
  • Features a dedicated sub-oscillator
  • Power: 12VDC, 500mA+
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