Elta MusicPolivoks Mini Analog Synthesizer (White)

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Elta Music Polivoks Mini

The Polivoks Mini is Elta's love letter to the iconic Formanta Polivoks: an aggressive, no-holds-barred approach to the classic analog monosynth layout. Simplifying the design of the original and offering improved circuitry where needed, the Polivoks Mini provides authentic Polivoks sound with simplified control.

The Polivoks Mini offers continuously variable modulation shape; the oscillator has much more stable tuning, and the classic, snarly filter retains all of its gritty charm. This charming white edition features colorful panel graphics outlining each section, providing a novel take on the formerly stark black-and-white design.

Polivoks Mini Features

  • Simplified version of the classic Formanta Polivoks
  • Preserves original sound
  • Oscillator with control of Range, Wave, and Depth
  • Dedicated suboscillator
  • Faithful filter recreation with BP & LP modes
  • LFO with waveform and rate controls
  • Amplifier with ADSR gate and Gate On options
  • MIDI via DIN and USB
  • Power: -12V DC or AC with polarity of 500mA or greater (included)
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