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Ellistronics Ellitone Folk Synthesizer

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Ellistronics Ellitone

The Ellistronics Ellitone is an affordable synthesizer that does not require any prior synthesis knowledge—simply take hold, patch in, and enjoy the weird world of digital sound it provides. With several different modes of operation from FM to wavetables to "infinite bounce matter," the Ellitone offers a wide array of sounds that may be selected individually or automatically cycled during use.

Sounds may be modified or animated by using a built-in patch bay, and performance controls include four knobs and four wooden keys reminiscent of designs by Ciat Lonbarde. These controls change function based on the selected program—and since program selection can itself be automated/modulated, the Ellitone can easily transform into a playful puzzle-box of sonic peculiarities.

The charming hand-built construction and decidedly lo-fi sonic output are a refreshing break from the current day's all-in-one production stations and mass-produced semi-modular synthesizers. The Ellitone's singular interface and methodology instead evoke the idea of a handmade folk instrument; a way to while the hours away, making sound purely for the sake of enjoyment. The Ellitone is an amazingly sincere and lovely instrument, perfect for anyone who values interesting sounds.

Ellitone Features

  • Portable electronic instrument fantastically aligned with folk sensibilities
  • Requires no prior synthesis knowledge to enjoy
  • Simple, approachable interface of four wooden key buttons, four knobs, and simple central patch bay
  • Seven modes of operation: the Base State, Wavetables, Patterns, FreqModz, Chirpp, Infinite Bounce Matter, Panic Voice, and mode that switches between all other modes automatically
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • Note: this product is not compatible with control voltage; its patch bay uses special digital signals and should not be interconnected with CV-producing devices which use the same cable type.
  • Includes 5 jumper cables
  • Includes USB cable
  • 1/8" Headphone Output
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