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Elektron Model:Samples + Model:Cycles + CA-4 Bundle

Minimal design with powerful sound engines, Elektron has bundled both Model:Samples and Model:Cycles together with the CA-4 cable for a fantastic synth and sampler combo. These grooveboxes are perfect for those looking for the powerful Elektron sequencer with less menu-diving and more knob-per-function access. This is not only a great all-in-one option for those going DAWless to make electronic music, but with their sleek and compact design, these grooveboxes are perfect for on-the-go sound design, production, and live performance!

Model:Samples, much like the name describes, is a sample-based groovebox filled with over 300 drum, percussive, and esoteric sounds curated for beat making. Model:Cycles brings the tasty and wide-ranged timbres of FM in a neat, small groovebox, great for designing punchy drums, percussive and metallic sounds, and deep bass synths. Both units come with six tracks with great sound shaping tools, including LFO per track, reverb and delay send FX, and the amazing Elektron sequencer, capable of individual scales, lengths, and parameter locking per-step. These units not only sonically compliment each other, but with almost identical knob and button layouts between the two instruments, it's really easy to learn both simultaneously.

With 96 projects capable of retaining 96 patterns per unit, you can be sure to have room for saving all your ideas. The included micro USB cables make it easy for transferring sounds and samples while also keeping your units' firmware up to date. Additionally, you receive the CA-4 3.5mm TRS MIDI cable, easy to send clock and other CCs between the two units. Whether you're looking to get started with the Elektron ecosystem and electronic music or you're just looking for a robust and condensed performance setup, Elektron's Model bundle will be sure to keep your productivity and creativity rolling.

Model:Samples + Model:Cycles + CA-4 Bundle Features

  • Sample & FM Groovebox bundle
  • Model:Samples: 6 audio-track groovebox
  • Model:Cycles: 6 FM-track groovebox
  • CA-4 3.5mm TRS MIDI cable to connect the units for sync and CC messages
  • 96 projects each with 96 patterns per unit
  • LFO per track
  • Send FX: Delay and Reverb
  • 64-step Elektron sequencer per track
  • USB mini 2.0 port
  • PSU-4 included per unit
  • 2x MicroUSB cables
  • MIDI I/O on 3.5mm TRS per unit
  • Balanced 1/4" outs and 1/4" headphone outs
  • CA-4 length: 90cm
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