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  1. FV-30L Volume Pedal (Low Impedance)
    Boss FV-30L Volume Pedal (Low Impedance)

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  2. Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome
    Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome

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  3. Erica Synths SYNTRX Rack Ears
    Erica Synths SYNTRX Rack Ears

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  4. FV-50L Stereo Volume Pedal (Low Impedance)
    Boss FV-50L Stereo Volume Pedal (Low Impedance)

    In Stock Available immediately!

1-4 of 4 items

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From a drum machine's relentless groove to ever-shifting synthesizer textures, electronic instruments are an indispensable part of the modern musical landscape. They bridge a gap between the worlds of science, engineering, and art. They have redefined music as a whole, spawning entire genres and subcultures dedicated to exploring all of the fresh and exciting possibilities they present: the doors they open into worlds that have not yet been explored.

Perfect Circuit is dedicated to providing the best synths and drum machines you can find online—from tools for studio production and beat-making all the way to live performance and experimental sound exploration. Whether you want the newest drone/noise device from SOMA Laboratory or JMT Synth, an all-in-one drum machine/sequencer/sampling workstation from Elektron, a Sequential polyphonic synthesizer, the peculiar yet fun Teenage Engineering OP-1, or a Moog or Buchla analog semi-modular synth—it's all here, waiting for you to dive in.

Whether you're a noise artist or producer, whether you're making beats live or crafting sound in the studio, whether you're a keyboardist or sonic tinkerer, whether you're looking for samplers, synths, drum machines, or anything else in the world of electronic sound-making—you've come to the right place.