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Pedals + Effects

  1. Behringer
  2. Chase Bliss Audio
  3. Electro-Faustus
  4. Electro-Harmonix
  5. Empress Effects
  6. Korg
  7. LastGasp Art Laboratories
  8. Old Blood Noise Endeavors
  9. Red Panda
  10. Rucci Electronics
  11. SOMA Laboratory
  12. TC Electronic
  13. TC Helicon
  14. Tech 21
  1. Boost / Buffer
  2. Chorus
  3. Compressor
  4. Delay
  5. Desktop / Rackmount
  6. Distortion
  7. Filter / EQ
  8. Flanger
  9. Fuzz
  10. Multi-Effects
  11. Other
  12. Overdrive
  13. Phaser
  14. Reverb
  15. Sustain
  16. Synthesizer
  17. Tremolo / Vibrato
  18. Vocal
  1. SOMA Laboratory
  2. Empress Effects
  3. Other
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  1. SOMA Pipe Mic Low Frequency
    SOMA Laboratory The Pipe Mic - Low Frequency

    In Stock Available immediately!
  2. SOMA The Pipe Mic High Frequency Flat
    SOMA Laboratory The Pipe Mic - High Frequency

    In Stock Available immediately!
  3. Empress Effects Midibox2
    Empress Effects Midibox2 Control Router

    In Stock Available immediately!
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Electronic instruments themselves are only part of the equation: while your choice of synth, drum machine, or Eurorack modules has a strong impact on your musical output, how you process that sound can be equally or even more important. The world of effects processors is now every bit as varied and exciting as the world of synthesizers, with some manufacturers focusing on classic fuzz and wah designs while others produce digital processors unlike anything before them.

Perfect Circuit seeks the most interesting and useful of all types and formats of effect processors. Desktop sound manglers from the likes of Sherman, Knas, or Vermona; forward-thinking digital pedals from Chase Bliss, Empress, or Red Panda; Strymon's continued refinements of classic effect types, Boredbrain's inventive routing solutions, Fairfield or Mantic's embrace of chaos and noise—the world of effect processing is its own deep universe worthy of exploration.

Far from being "just for guitars," our selection of pedal, desktop, and rackmount processors can bring new life to any setup: whether you're using modular synths, drum machines, keyboards, laptop, or acoustic instruments, there is something here that could turn your entire workflow on its head, providing a new lens through which to hear even the most familiar of sounds transformed.