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Echo FixEF-X3R Tape Echo + Analog Chorus - Rackmount (Black)


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Echo Fix EF-X3R

Echo Fix has made a name for themselves with their EF-X2 and they build upon that with the rackmount EF-X3R tape delay, which features a 100% analog signal path. Create unique stereo effects and signal paths by using the independent outputs for each tape head. An analog BBD chorus and analog spring reverb are also on hand, giving you a fully analog signal path for an organic, warm sound. The EF-X3R takes up 3U of space in a 19" rack and easily slides out for replacing the tape without removing it from the rack.

With four playback heads, including an SOS head, you can get up to 1.2 seconds of tape delay, and by using the mode switch you can get seven different combinations of the first three heads. The SOS head is able to be activated on any of them or by itself for added flexibility. The front panel has two footswitch inputs that mute the chorus and echo/reverb independently; the front also has an output with High/Low output switch as well as CV controls for speed and feedback. The EF-X3R features the same high quality vintage FET guitar/line input in the front as well. The rear is where you can get access to different head outputs, a dedicated wet only output for reverb/chorus, and balanced input/output jacks.

Add the depth, warm, and feel of analog tape with Echo Fix's EF-X3R to your studio's rack for an unmistakable presence in any signal path.

EF-X3R Features

  • Modern analog tape echo
  • 100% Analog signal path
  • BBD chorus
  • Analog spring reverb
  • 7 Tape head modes
  • Independently activated 4th SOS tape head
  • Motor on/off switch with automatic motor stop when no audio is present
  • Vintage JFET guitar/line in on the front panel
  • CV Control over speed and feedback
  • Remove dry signal with the flip of a switch
  • 2 Tape loops supplied with each unit
  • Mounts into a 19" rack
  • Size: 19" Rackmount at 3U height, 16.5 x 11.4 x 7.2 in 420mm x 290mm x 185mm
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
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Echo Fix EF-X3R Tape Echo + Analog Chorus - Rackmount (Black) Reviews