Echo FixEF-X2 Tape Echo (Blue)


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Echo Fix EF-X2

Channeling their years of experience from servicing worn out vintage units, the Echo Fix EF-X2 is a modern, re-engineered interpretation of the classic tape echo effect. Offering a familiar layout to those who have used iconic delay units like the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the EF-X2 goes beyond the functionality of these vintage pieces and redefines what one can expect from this kind of effect. The three main playback heads can be combined in up to seven different ways, with a special Sound-on-Sound play head that can be enabled on top, allowing any delay setting to morph into a smeary wash of texture. Both the delay and feedback parameters offer control inputs for use with expression pedals or 0-5 volts of CV, meaning that the EF-X2 can be as dynamic and reactive as you want to be.

While the predecessors to the EF-X2 were most widely known for their delay capabilities, it was also common to utilize the internal preamps and spring reverb for shaping sounds without using the delay itself. Recognizing the additional importance of this capability, Echo Fix included two FET preamps: a more vintage-voiced preamp on the instrument input, and a cleaner modern pre on the line input. Additionally, EF-X2 contains both a real spring reverb and a DSP effects section that functions as both a secondary reverb or chorus, further enhancing the depths of effects that can be found within. To preserve the life of your tape when utilizing only the preamp or reverb sections, a handy switch to turn the motor on or off is conveniently placed on the front panel, but this can also be creatively utilized for dramatic tape-stop effects.

For a truly brilliant and reliable take on a classic effect, turn to the EF-X2 from Echo Fix.

EF-X2 Features

  • Thoroughly modern tape delay meticulously engineered for superior performance
  • 7 play head configurations plus additional Sound on Sound head
  • Simple 2-band EQ for Bass and Treble
  • Echo volume and bypass controls
  • Guitar and line level inputs with FET preamps on the front
  • Real spring reverb and DSP chorus/reverb
  • Balanced XLR I/O on the rear
  • Vintage style VU-meter for input level display
  • Expression or CV control over Echo and Feedback parameters
  • Direct bypass switch removes dry signal for effect only signal output
  • Motor switch for tapestop effects, additionally preserves the life of the tape when using EF-X2 for the preamp or reverb only
  • Dimensions: Analog Inputs: 1x Guitar/Hi-Z input, 1x Line input, 1x balanced XLR input
  • Power Specs: Analog Outputs: 1x 1/4" TS unbalanced, 1x XLR balanced
  • Universal power supply works worldwide
  • Dimensions: 420 x 290 x 185mm
  • Weight: 11Kgs
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