Echo FixEF-X2 Tape Echo (Black)


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Echo Fix EF-X2

Echo Fix's EF-X2 is a contemporary take on the classic tape delay effect, with plenty of modern features added in and without the reliability concerns of its vintage counterparts. EF-X2 picks up where effects like the Roland RE-201 Space Echo left off, providing seven combinations of three playback heads plus an additional Sound on Sound head specifically intended for tape looping effects. Both delay time and feedback parameters offer inputs for expression or voltage control, a thoughtful addition to increase the utility of an effect like this in a growing number of studios with CV capable synthesizers and other instruments.

Both inputs on the EF-X2 offer their own variations on an FET preamp. On the instrument input, you'll find a vintage-voiced pre well suited for guitars, while the line input has a cleaner, modern-voiced preamp that can still impart some character on any input source at higher settings. The EF-X2 also contains effects capabilities beyond the preamps and tape echo, boasting a real spring reverb and DSP section that offers both a secondary reverb or chorus to be blended in with the delay. Alternatively, switch the motor off to exclusively utilize the preamps or other effects without the delay being active, reducing the difficulty of trying to compensate for delay time and extending the life of your tape.

Nothing beats the sound of a true tape delay, and Echo Fix has put extensive time and effort to ensure that the EF-X2 not only delivers sonically, but without the headaches caused by servicing vintage units.

EF-X2 Features

  • Reliable tape echo designed for 21st century usage
  • Combine 3 standard echo playback heads and 4th Sound on Sound head in up to 14 different ways
  • Bass and Treble controls
  • Echo volume and bypass controls
  • FET-based preamps present on both the instrument and line inputs
  • Spring reverb and DSP chorus reverb section independent of tape delay
  • Balanced XLR I/O on rear panel
  • Expression and CV inputs for modulating echo time and feedback
  • Vintage style VU meter
  • Direct bypass switch for wet/effect signal only
  • Motor switch stops the motor for tapestop effects and sustaining tape life when only using the reverb/chorus or preamps
  • Dimensions: Analog Inputs: 1x Guitar/Hi-Z input, 1x Line input, 1x balanced XLR input
  • Power Specs: Analog Outputs: 1x 1/4" TS unbalanced, 1x XLR balanced
  • Universal power supply works worldwide
  • Dimensions: 420 x 290 x 185mm
  • Weight: 11Kgs
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