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DynaudioCore 47 3-Way Studio Monitor - Left Side


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Dynaudio Core 47

The Core 47 from Dynaudio is a tri-amped nearfield monitor with fantastic sound and full character that won't take up your whole desk. It features a trio of drivers—a 500 W low frequency, 500W mid-range, and 150W high end. Combining for 1150W of total power, it provides ample headroom for any project. The low frequency and midrange drivers feature MSP cones for detailed accuracy throughout the frequency range. The Esotar Pro tweeter features a Hexis device positioned in the diaphragm and optimizes airflow, reduces internal resonance, and helps smooth the frequency response to help avoid listening fatigue.

Position the Core 47 in any configuration thanks to cabinet indentations all on sides. Put it on either side, upright, or even inverted, whatever your preference. The sound balance switch helps emphasize high end or low end, or neutral response. In dark mode, the frequency spectrum slopes with a boost of 1.5dB at 20Hz and a reduction of 1.5dB at 20kHz. Bright mode reversed this relationship, and the neutral mode gives a flat response. Adjust the gain staging to your needs with a 24dB range. Two sound position switches help tailor the monitor to its placement in a room, whether it's on a desk, in a corner, on a stand, or near a mixer. If using with a subwoofer, an 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley highpass is available to round out the low end. The Core 47 packs a ton of power and performance into its housing, delivering on sonic superiority.

Note this listing is for the left side monitor— the right monitor is available separately.

Core 47 Features

  • Three-way nearfield monitor
  • 1150W of total class-D amplification
  • 500W 7" driver for low-frequency detail
  • 500W 4" mid-range driver for clear middle tones
  • 150W 1.1" Esotar Pro tweeter with Hexis device to combat listening fatigue
  • 192kHz sampling rate and 24-bit resolution
  • Sound balance switch with three filters
  • Two positioning switches for use in any room
  • 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley highpass filter
  • Word clock input on BNC
  • Inputs on both analog XLR and digital AES3
  • Intended for use as left side monitor—see here for its right-side companion
  • Inputs: 1x XLR, 1x XLR (AES/EBU) 1x USB Type B
  • Frequency response: 37 Hz – 31 kHz
  • Max SPL: 112 dB
  • Crossover frequency: 475 Hz (LF/MF), 5250 Hz (MF/HF)
  • Total power: HF 150 W / MF 500 W / LF 500 W
  • 15.4", 14", 9.5" / 390 x 355 x 240mm
Dynaudio Core 47 3-Way Studio Monitor - Left Side Reviews