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DreadboxHypnosis Time-Based Effects Processor


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Dreadbox Hypnosis

The Dreadbox Hypnosis is a time-domain effects processor with three independent effects that fills a wide range of applications: analog spring reverb, stereo analog BBD chorus/flanger, and stereo digital delay. If you need flexible time-based effects and evolving spatial tones, look no further than the Hypnosis.

The analog BBD chorus/flanger features an analog delay modulated by an LFO with adjustable rate, waveform, and depth for adding movement and modulation. The primary difference between flanging and chorus is the speed of the LFO. With a wide range of LFO frequencies, from 15 seconds/cycle to 10Hz, you can tailor this effect to your needs.

The digital delay section provides three adjustable delay types with adjustable time, mix, and feedback. The three delay types are clean, BBD, and tape echo. In addition, a freeze button freezes the delayed audio in the buffer and repeats it indefinitely with no new audio coming into the delay line.

The spring reverb is a three-spring physical reverb tank placed at the top of the Hypnosis. Like the chorus/flanger, it features an LFO with adjustable rate, depth, and waveform. In addition, an amount knob sets the dry/wet mix and the pre-delay control sets the initial delay time. The spring reverb is susceptible to vibrations and may pick up vibrations from the environment it is placed in. This can be put to use by tapping or moving the Hypnosis to inject noise into the springs but be careful not to inadvertently damage the springs.

Hypnosis allows you to save and recall up to 49 presets with the built-in preset management. Presets can also be copied, pasted, and edited to make iterations on a single effect setting. Hypnosis can operate as a mono to mono, mono to stereo, or stereo to stereo effect, although the mono spring reverb mixes the stereo signals together. Hypnosis brings together three great sounding time-based effects that can be individually or in tandem to create lush delayed and reverberated results.

Hypnosis Features

  • Time-based multi-effect
  • Authentic physical spring reverb tank with built-in modulation LFO
  • Analog BBD chorus/flanger
  • Three-mode digital delay with three modes and freeze function
  • 49 preset memory
  • Variable input and output gain controls for everything from microphone to Eurorack levels
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.6 x 1.5 in
  • Power Specs: 15VDC center positive PSU (included)
  • Inputs: 2x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 2x 1/4"
Dreadbox Hypnosis Time-Based Effects Processor Reviews