Dr. Scientist Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive Pedal

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Dr. Scientist Heisenberg

The Dr. Scientist Heisenberg is a feat of technological engineering. Developed in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada, the University of Alberta, and the National Institute of Technology, the Heisenberg utilizes a brand new diode with a slower and smoother saturation that sounds much more pleasing to the ear than traditional silicon diodes. This allows it to serve as an entirely unique overdrive pedal, complete with three distinct gain stages: NPN transistor fuzz, opamp distortion, and a MOSFET booster. 

Heisenberg Features

  • FET Gain:Gain of the FET stage, clean boost to medium overdrive
  • NPN Gain:Gain of the NPN stage, cleanish boost to medium fuzz
  • Op Amp Gain:Gain of the op amp stage, clean boost to medium distortion
  • Master Tone:Treble control, +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz
  • Master Volume:Output level
  • Rotary Switch:Selects 1 of 3 gain stages
  • Operation:Mono input, mono output
  • Power Requirements:9VDC @ 75mA, 2.1mm center negative plug
  • Input/Output Impedance:500kΩ/1kΩ
  • Bypass:True bypass using soft touch switch and relay
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