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DPW Design P1

P1 from DPW Designs delivers a straightforward and effective utility for integrating your Eurorack system with pedals, your pedalboard with a Eurorack system, and using Eurorack as a studio outboard effect. Divided into two identical sections, P1's pedal inputs amplify +18dB to Eurorack level, while Eurorack inputs attenuate down -18dB. With more than 100kHz bandwidth in both directions and high-Z pedal inputs, P1 provides clean integration to Eurorack systems that's perfectly suited for pedals, electric guitar, and bass signals.

In addition to attenuation and amplification, P1 features soft-clipping and limiting to ensure safe, high-fidelity signal flow, while also providing opportunities for creative use. On the Eurorack input, symmetrical soft clipping is set at +/-10V. On the pedal input, a soft, long-knee limiter is employed to eliminate harsh transients over the expected -4dB max signal amplitude. Finally, the Eurorack output stage features a brick wall limit at +/-10V, keeping even the hottest signals within Eurorack standard and opening up potential for creative saturation effects when hitting hard against the limiter. For a streamlined interface between pedals and Eurorack with thoughtful analog processing to keep signals in line, the P1 Pedal I/O from DPW designs is a handy utility in any hybrid set-up.

P1 Features

  • Compact interface for integrating pedals with Eurorack systems
  • Attenuates and amplifies to ensure useful and safe gain levels for both effect pedals and Eurorack gear
  • High bandwidth in both directions and high-Z pedal inputs preserve your tone
  • Soft-clipping and limiter circuits provide convenient signal management and creative applications
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 19 mA @ +12V, 19 mA @ -12V
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