Dove Audio WTF Window Transform Function VCO

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Dove Audio WTF

Dove Audio’s WTF oscillator facilitates the creation of new and unique waveforms using a window transform function (WTF). It works like this: imagine two waveforms, one preceding another, with a window between them. The module essentially opens this window to varying degrees, letting a portion of the latter wave bleed through for some delicious sonic goodness. Of course, the transform function can be modulated via CV, making things even crazier. There’s also a dual window mode that adds an extra window, and an invert parameter that makes the rear waveform more sonically prominent.

WTF Features

  • Unique oscillator-type module for modular synthesizers
  • Window width operation facilitates the creation of unique waveforms
  • Window width CV input
  • Dual window mode with invert options
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 30mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V, 100mA @ +5V
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