Doepfer Dark Energy II Synthesizer

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Doepfer Dark Energy II

Doepfer’s Dark Energy II is an all-analog desktop synthesizer module complete with an onboard USB/MIDI interface. While the interface portion of the module does contain digital components, the rest of the signal path is 100% analog. The unit features a sawtooth-core VCO, -12dB multimode filter, a VCA with manual control over amplitude, and a modulation section consisting of an ADSR envelope generator and two LFOs.

Dark Energy II Features

  • Analog Monophonic Synthesizer with Built-In USB and MIDI Interface
  • Synthesizer includes VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO 1, LFO 2, and Envelope Generator
  • VCO Controls: Tune, FM, PW, PWM
  • VCO Switches: Octave (UP/DOWN), FM Source (LFO 1/ADSR), Waveform Shape (SAW/OFF/CLIPPED-INVERTED SAWTOOTH), PWM Source (LFO 2/ADSR)
  • VCF Controls: Frequency Cutoff, XFM, Mode, Resonance
  • VCF Switches: Track Mode (HALF/OFF/FULL), XFM Source (LFO 2/ADSR)
  • ADSR Range Select Switch: LOW/HIGH/MEDIUM
  • Envelope Output LED Indication
  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release Controls
  • VCA Controls: AMP, Amp Modulation
  • VCA Amp Modulation Source Switch: LFO 1/ADSR
  • LED Indication for LFO 1 and LFO 2
  • Shape Select for both LFOs: TRI/PULSE
  • LFO Range Select Switch for both LFOs: LOW/HIGH/MEDIUM
  • LFO Frequency Control for both LFOs
  • Front Panel Inputs: VCO F, VCO PW, VCF F, VCA A, GATE
  • Front Panel Outputs: LFO 1, Envelope, Audio
  • Rear Outputs: GATE, CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4/Audio Output
  • Rear MIDI Learn Button
  • MIDI Input at Rear
  • USB Socket Connection at Rear
  • Dimensions: 7.28” x 5.71” x 2.95”
  • Analog Outputs Rear: GATE, CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4/Audio Output
  • Analog Outputs Front: LFO 1, Envelope, Audio
  • Analog Inputs Front: VCO F, VCO PW, VCF F, VCA A, GATE
  • USB Socket
  • MIDI Input
  • External AC Adapter for Power Supply: 15V AC 400mA
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