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Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR

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Doepfer A-143-2

The A-143-2 is a quad ADSR envelope generator comprised of four entirely independent ADSR envelopes. Each envelope section features a gate and re-trigger input, a time range switch, and a single output. There are also several outputs that send gate signals when specific time stages have been completed, allowing users to efficiently create complex sequences and ersatz LFOs.

A-143-2 Features

  • 4 Classic ADSR envelopes
  • Controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
  • Three position switch between short, medium, and long envelopes
  • Gate outputs for the end of Attack, end of Decay and end of Release
  • Gate input for instigating the envelopes, and a Reset gate input for retriggering
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Current Draw: 70mA @ +/-12V
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