DoepferA-126-2V Frequency Shifter (Vintage Edition)


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Doepfer A-126-2V

Doepfer's A-126-2V is an analog frequency shifter for audio signals that handles simultaneous shift up and down and accepts external quadrature VCOs, as well. A frequency shifter applies the same frequency offset to any signal—not be be confused with a pitch shifter—and the A-126-2 is unique in that it both adds and subtracts, giving you the option to blend between the signals to dial in the best, or most gnarly sound. For tuning the frequency, you have two knobs for Fine and Coarse adjustment which can be swapped via a jumper, letting you use the larger knob for either depending on your proclivity. A built-in VCA responds to the input signal for envelope following, allowing dynamic landscapes to unfold. The sine and cosine internal oscillators have their own individual outputs, as well. With a range of about eight octaves from 20Hz to 15kHz, you can dial in screeches, squelches, guttural gurgles, and harmonically lush signals with ease using the A-126-2 from Doepfer.

A-126-2V Features

  • Analog frequency shifter
  • Fine and coarse frequency knobs, with swappable functionality via jumper
  • Simultaneous frequency shift up and shift down with control over blend
  • Inputs for external oscillators or other audio signals for unconventional sounds
  • Internal oscillator outputs for sine and cosine
  • External VCA CV in for opening the frequency shift
  • Squelch knob adjusts the internal VCA's envelope follower
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 60mm
  • Current draw: +80mA @ +12V / -70mA @ -12V
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