DoepferA-119V External Input/ Envelope Follower (Vintage Edition)


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Doepfer A-119V

This classic Doepfer module now comes in stunning black faceplate. The A-119 is a much loved module that allows you to integrate your Eurorack system with external sources such as guitars, trumpets, drum machines, human voice, or bowed instruments. It features a preamp, envelope follower, and comparator that work together to make a cohesive and useful module. The preamp consists of two inputs, asymmetrical for use with line level signals and boasting a gain of up to 20, and symmetrical for low level signals such as guitars or microphone, with a gain of up to 500. The envelope follower analyzes the signal level at the preamp and outputs a voltage level proportional to the level of the audio signal. A comparator is a kind of circuit that has a signal input, in this case from the preamp/envelope follower, and a threshold level. When the input signal crosses the level set by the threshold control, the comparator's gate output goes high and when the signal goes below the threshold, the gate goes low. These simple functions combine to make an incredibly useful tool, especially if you're a musician who uses gear other than Eurorack. Control the pitch of an oscillator with your voice, use the comparator to extract a clock from a drum machine, bring your guitar into your Eurorack effects, it's all possible with this useful little module.

A-119V Features

  • Preamp, envelope follower, comparator
  • Preamp for use with balanced signals with a total gain of 20, or unbalanced signals with a gain of up to 500
  • Envelope follower tracks the amplitude of the incoming audio and puts out a proportional voltage
  • Comparator outputs a gate signal when the signal crosses above a set threshold
  • LEDs for overload, envelope follower, and comparator gate
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current draw: 30mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
Doepfer A-119V External Input/ Envelope Follower (Vintage Edition) Reviews