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DoepferA-111-5V Mini Synthesizer Voice (Vintage Edition)


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Doepfer A-111-5V

Based on the classic Dark Energy, the Doepfer A-111-5V provides all the necessary components for an analog monophonic synthesizer voice. It's great as a first module or as a way to bring an additional complete voice into your Eurorack system. Included behind a single panel are a VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR envelope, and two LFOs. It's semi-modular, meaning there are hardwired connections between the individual modules, letting you make sounds with minimal patch cables. The modulation routing is extensive, available on three-position switches that can switch between routing sources or turn the modulation off entirely.

Sound starts in this system with the VCO, a multi-waveform oscillator with octave switches and tuning controls. The three available waveforms are triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms. The pitch of the oscillator can be modulated from external sources via the CV input for 1V/oct sequencing, but there are also normalled connections to the LFO1 and ADSR envelope that can be used for modulation. By default, the pulse waveform is normalled into the VCF, with a selection between the triangle and sawtooth waveforms on a switch. These can be turned off completely, only allowing the pulse waveform to pass through to the VCF. However, by turning the pulse width down to 0%, you can silence the pulse waveform and only use one of the other waveforms into the filter.

The waveform(s) from the oscillator are passed into the filter, a 24dB/oct low pass filter with approximately 12 octaves of frequency range. This filter features a tracking switch that allows the 1V/oct CV signal that modulates the pitch of the oscillator to be applied to the filter frequency as well. This can either be half or full tracking, or turned off entirely. At high resonance settings, the filter begins to self oscillate, creating a sine tone that does a pretty good job tracking pitch. External audio can also be brought into the filter, which is mixed with the VCO waveforms. In addition to the standard exponential frequency modulation from the LFO2, envelope, or external CV signal, the triangle waveform from the oscillator is applied to the linear FM input on the filter. This produces complex harmonics and overtones that add a special character to the module. After the filter, the sound is routed into the VCA. This has initial level control and CV control over the amplitude of the audio. This can be routed from the LFO1, ADSR envelope, or you can use external modulation for the VCA level.

The modulation sources on the A-111-5V are two LFOs and an ADSR envelope. Each of the LFOs have frequency control with three selectable frequency ranges that at the highest settings go up to low audio frequencies. Both pulse and triangle waveforms are available on a switch, with the third position of the switch turning off the LFO entirely. This can be useful in a performance setting where you want to be expressive with the LFO modulation. The envelope is an ADSR envelope with individual controls for the attack, decay, sustain level, and release, with a range switch that selects the overall range of the envelope. An ADSR gate input is used to initialize the envelope, useful for integrating external sequences or controls into the module.

Complete with all the necessary parts to make a synthesizer voice, this module is a fantastic one stop shop for modular synthesizers. Add an external controller via a MIDI to CV converter or a sequencer, either in rack or out of rack, and you have a great synthesizer voice with a fantastic sound.

A-111-5V Features

  • Monophonic synthesizer voice
  • Contains VCO, VCF, VCA, two LFOs, and an ADSR envelope
  • Internal modulation routing from envelope and LFOs on three position switches
  • VCO features sawtooth, triangle, and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation
  • Pulse width goes down to 0%, silencing the output
  • Octave and fine tune controls
  • 24dB/oct low pass filter with resonance that goes to self oscillation
  • Filter has oscillator pitch tracking that tracks the 1V/oct input at the VCO
  • Filter linear FM comes from the VCO triangle waveform
  • VCA with initial level control and amplitude modulation
  • LFOs with three frequency ranges and triangle and pulse waveforms
  • ADSR with controls for each stage and three range modes
  • External audio input
  • ADSR and LFO outputs
  • CV and gate inputs for connecting with external modules
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
Doepfer A-111-5V Mini Synthesizer Voice (Vintage Edition) Reviews