DoepferA-100 Starter System (P9 Case)


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Doepfer A-100 Starter System (P9 Case)

The Doepfer A-100 Starter System is Doepfer's offering to those hoping to get started with Eurorack synthesis while looking for sounds and textures outside the ordinary. Unlike the traditionally-oriented Mini System, this setup dispenses of a traditional subtractive signal flow in favor of offering multifunctional modules whose uses can vary drastically from patch to patch. Perfect for composers, sonic experimenters, and tinkerers alike, this system not only offers tremendous sonic flexibility, but offers two rows of open space for adding in other modules, turning it into an instrument unique to its owner's preferred workflow. And of course, the Doepfer P9 case is one of the most rugged on the market, making it simple to take this synth anywhere that the music might lead.

A-100 Starter System (P9 Case) Features

  • Pre-assembled Eurorack system
  • Doepfer A-100P9 case
  • A-190-4 USB/MIDI to CV/Gate/Sync Interface
  • A-160 Clock Divider
  • A-110-2 VCO
  • A-118 Noise + Random Voltage
  • A-148 Dual S&H
  • A-138c Polarizing Mixer
  • A-106-5 SEM VCF
  • A-132-3 DVCA
  • A-180-2 Multiples
  • A-140 ADSR
  • A-147-2 VCDLFO
  • A-171-2 VCS
  • 4x 42hp blank panels
  • Includes 15 Doepfer 1/8" cables
  • Case: A-100 P9 portable suitcase
  • Outside dimensions: 465 x 475 x 150mm
  • Power input: 110–240VAC
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