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DoepferA-100 Basic System 2 (G6 Case)


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Doepfer A-100 Basic System 2 (G6 Case)

Doepfer's Basic System 2 is a perfect instrument for musicians looking to add the flexibility of modular synthesis to their MIDI-equipped studio or performance setup. Featuring all the staple components of a typical synth voice along with a dedicated MIDI/CV interface, this system is perfect for analog synth tones to be controlled by external MIDI keyboard, sequencer, or DAW setup. It features the same formidable audio path as the Basic System 1, but foregoes some of the utilities in favor of adding a DIN MIDI to control voltage/gate interface. This combined with its 6U, 19" rackmountable enclosure makes it an easy addition to rack setups in studio or touring rigs. And of course, the flexibility of modular design means this system is equally well-suited for searing leads, ripping basslines, or straight generative insanity: the only limit is the imagination of the user (and the number of patch cables!).

A-100 Basic System 2 (G6 Case) Features

  • Complete MIDI-controllable Eurorack system in a rackmountable case
  • Housed in Doepfer G6 rack enclosure
  • Powered via Doepfer PSU3 linear supply
  • 2x A-110 VCO
  • A-114 dual Ring Modulator
  • A-115 Audio Divider
  • A-116 Waveform Processor
  • A-138 Audio Mixer (Exponential)
  • A-120 VCF1 Lowpass Filter
  • A-106-6 XP VCF 16-fold VC XPander Filter
  • A-130 Linear VCA
  • A-131 Exponential VCA
  • A-190-4 MIDI to CV/Sync Interface
  • 2hp blank panel
  • A-118 Noise + Random Voltages
  • A-145 LFO
  • A-145 LFO2 Variable Waveform LFO
  • A-160 Clock Divider
  • A-161 Clock Sequencer
  • A-180 Multiples
  • A-138 Control Mixer (Linear)
  • A-170 Dual Slew Limiter
  • 2x A-140 Envelope Generator
  • Includes 30 mixed patch cables
  • Case: A-100G6 rackmountable case
  • Outside dimensions: 482 x 266 x 240mm
  • Power input: 110–240VAC
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