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RND STEP is a collaboration between Steady State Fate and Divkid, perfect for adding stepped random modulation to your patches. It features three identical channels with the trigger input on channel one normalled to channels two and three. Each channel has two independent noise sources that are normalled into the sample and hold—one unipolar, which produces signals from 0–5V, and a bipolar +/-5V output. These have a linearized distribution that is musical in nature. Patching into the sample input breaks the normalled connection to the bipolar channel and allows external signals to be sampled.

The sample and hold circuits offer high performance with accuracy within 80mV. Additionally, the sample and holds feature a low droop rate, so the sampled voltage level stays constant without changing in level. Best of all, since the S&Hs are normalled from independent noise sources, each of the outputs produces completely independent random voltages—making this a quick and easy way to spread some randomness far and wide.

RND STEP Features

  • Three-channel stepped random voltage source
  • Both unipolar and bipolar CV outputs
  • External sample input
  • Trigger normalled between channels
  • High performance sample and holds
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 44mm
  • Current draw: 67mA @ +12V, 67mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
DivKid / SSF Rnd Step Eurorack Module Jam and Patch Walkthrough
DivKid teamed up with SSF to make the RND STEP module. We used the RND STEP to modulate parameters on both of the voice modules in this patch. The RND STEP is basically six noise generators going into six sample and holds with some clever normalization so you can generate six random modulations with one trigger.

In this patch we used the SSF Entity Percussion module to generate all of the drum sounds and the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter as a voice sequenced by the Make Noise 0-CTRL. The XAOC Batumi and ALM Pam's New Workout clock everything. We used the Future Sound Systems Gristleizer Filter to add some screeching resonance that can be switched in and out with the Afrorack and Ali Modular OR Switch. Everything is mixed together with the Endorphin.es Cockpit.
DivKid RND STEP S&H / Random Voltage Source Reviews