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Various Artists - Detroit Underground Bundle


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Detroit Underground Bundle

For this bundle we focus on the label Detroit Underground. Purveyors of forward thinking music, whether its IDM, techno or experimental - it�s always quality. Included in the bundle are, Kero X Marshall Applewhite �Sewer Tracks�, Derek Michael & Marshall Applewhite �Astral Dust� and Fluxion A/D �Aciid House�.

Kero & Marshall Applewhite - Sewer Tracks EP

Released with Detroit Underground, Sewer Tracks EP is a 4 track collaboration that creatively combines both the organic Detroit electro feel with the newly rising 'sludge' style. Sewer Tracks is a must listen for all fans of underground techno.


  • A1. Murky Water � Broken drums, raw wave arpeggios and dark strings combine to form an sub worldly tune.
  • A2. Rusty Drainpipe � Big pads, halftime break-ups, a synth that sounds like it could fall apart at anytime and floor rattling kicks bring back the real dance floor to detroit techno.
  • B1.Slime Kings � The big 4 on the floor tune. giant arpeggios, jarring low-end and a drive bassline keep this ahead of the techno curve.
  • B2. Septic Sludge � The oddball on the Ep, Septic Sludge evokes an ever evolving sense of discomfort through a never-ending off the grid synth pattern and washed out, yet still slamming drums.

Derek Michael, Marshall Applewhite - Astral Dust

Astral Dust is a 4 track vinyl collaboration of Derek Michael and Marshall Applewhite that's the perfect combination of 'sludgy' techno with melodic IDM. Officially released with Detroit Underground, Astral Dust is one of their most popular records.

Astral Dust Vinyl Record Features

  • 1. Astral Dust 05:48 video
  • 2. Exothermic 04:45 video
  • 3. Winding Wormhole 05:38
  • 4. The UFO Two 04:06
  • 5. Stopped By 03:52
  • 6. Abiotic X 04:31
  • 7. Winding Wormhole ( Rework ) 05:38
  • 8. The UFO 2002 06:48


  • A1. Astral Dust
  • A2. Exotheric
  • B1. The UFO TWO
  • B2. Winding Wormhole

Fluxion A/D - Aciid House

Catalog Number: DI005
Format: 12"


  • A1. Acid House 4
  • A2. Not Home Acid
  • B1. Acid House 5
  • B2. She is Gone
  • B3. Acid House 5 (Chris Samuels RMX)
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