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Delta Sound LabsMobula Ring Modulator


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Delta Sound Labs Mobula

The Delta Sound Labs Mobula is a ring modulator based on the ARP 2600's classic 4014 submodule, providing AC and DC-coupled options for ideal use as an audio ring mod or a CV processor. Each channel offers switchable AC or DC-coupling options, making it easy to fine-tune for different applications. Additionally, each input channel offers an independent level control for further customization. Use it as a VCA, a voltage controllable polarizer, or as a gnarly audio effect.

The 4014 ring mod design is revered for its impressive low end and carrier suppression; Delta have adapted it for use in Eurorack systems, continuing their mission of bringing excellent-sounding vintage synth circuits to modern workflows. And they also put a mobula ray on the faceplate—so what's not to love? Mobula rays are crazy cool—they fly through the air and it looks insane.

Mobula Features

  • Ring modulator based on the ARP 2600's 4014 ring mod
  • Switchable AC or DC coupling for each input channel
  • Can be used with audio and low-frequency signals
  • Level control attenuator for each channel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 20mA @ +12v, 20mA @ -12v
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