DelptronicsThunderbell In A Cowbell With Speaker

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Delptronics ThunderBell In A Cowbell

Delptronics presents the ThunderBell, a traditional analog cowbell sound inspired by that of the Korg KR-55. The sound is produced via two tuned square waves alongside pseudo ring modulation.

One of the best aspects of the ThunderBell is its ability to function as a tunable cowbell. With most cowbell emulations, especially those found in vintage drum machines, the cowbell is unable to be tuned. This is due to the fact that the two square waves must remain in tune with one another or the sound will no longer resemble a cowbell. By contrast, the ThunderBell was designed to keep its two square waves in tune with one another across an exceptional frequency range.

This version of the ThunderBell features a built-in speaker, meaning the bell is audible whether or not it is connected to an amplification source.

ThunderBell in a Cowbell Features

  • Cowbell sound generator
  • Pitch and Decay knobs
  • Trigger button
  • Gate input jack
  • Pitch CV jack
  • Built in speaker
  • Fully Assembled
  • Cowbell Enclosure
  • 3.7" tall, 3.1" wide, and 2.3" deep
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