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Daniel Warner Live Wires : A History of Electronic Music

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Daniel Warner Live Wires

Live Wires: A History of Electronic Music by Daniel Warner is an ode to the electrified world that we’ve build that follows the evolution of the electronic sound as a medium from its birth to the present day. The author focuses on five key pieces of electronic sound technology that affected and shaped the global soundscape and our interaction with the medium. Tape recorder, circuit, computer, microphone, and turntable are exactly the technologies that revolutionized the field of music, according to the author. Throughout the book Warner explores works of composers, and artists at the frontier of the field ranging from historical pioneers, such as Xenakis, Stockhausen, Oliveros to Eno, Juan Atkins, Holly Herndon, and Grandmaster Flash. In Live Wires the author examines how revolutionary musical ideas emerge, develop, and finally get recycled and repurposed into more, and more branches of the same tree. It is a thorough text on electronic music history, and an analysis of the field.

Live Wires Features

  • Author - Daniel Warner
  • 224 pages
  • Author - Daniel Warner
  • 224 pages
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