Dangerous MusicLIAISON Master Router


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Dangerous Music Liaison

The Dangerous Music LIAISON is an analog matrix router, perfect for changing and combining signal flow at the touch of a button. Instantly recall routing and presets of up to six stereo or mono paths. It's analog and latency free, allowing you to quickly A/B monitors, EQing, or effects chains.

Six insert loops can be switched in and out of the signal path with flip control to reverse the order of pairs. The stereo buses allow you to route out to multiple locations simultaneously. Parallel processing brings together processed and unprocessed signals together with the ability to blend the two together. Patches can be stored and recalled in one of four patch locations.

Liaison Features

  • Analog matrix router
  • Quickly and easily A/B monitors, effects, or input signals
  • Save and recall four presets
  • Six insert loops
  • Two independent stereo buses
  • Parallel processing on Bus B
  • Four monitor outputs
  • Analog inputs: 12x XLR Returns, 4x XLR Buss
  • Analog outputs: 12x XLR sends, 4x XLR Buss, 1x DB-25 monitor
  • Passive Section Frequency Response: +0, -0.1dB from 10Hz to 100kHz
  • Active Section Frequency Response: +0, -0.1dB from 10Hz to 100kHz
  • Maximum Level: greater than +28dBu
  • Noise floor: less than -95.dB in audio band
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise: less than 0.002%
  • Intermodulation distortion: less than 0.003%
  • Passive Section Crosstalk Rejection: greater than 124dB
  • Active Section Crosstalk Rejection: greater than 113dB
  • Impedances: 20,000 Ohms input, 20 Ohms output
  • Replacement fuses: USA 120VAC 500mA fast blow, Europe 240VAC 250mA fast blow
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