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Czarface  - Czarface Meets Metal Face

Release Date: 3/30/2018
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Czarface - Czarface Meets Metal Face

Catalog Number: SIL003
Format: LP


  • A1. Take Your Medicine
  • A2. Meddle With Metal
  • A3. Badness Of Madness
  • A4. Close Talker
  • A5. Forever People
  • A6. Captain Crunch
  • A7. Don't Spoil It
  • A8. Phantoms
  • B1. Bomb Thrown
  • B2. You Masked For It
  • B3. Astral Traveling
  • B4. Nautical Depth
  • B5. Stun Gun
  • B6. MF Czar
  • B7. Captain Brunch
  • B8. Sleeping Dogs
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