Cycling 74 Max 8 Upgrade from Previous Version

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Cycling '74 Max 8 Upgrade

This license upgrade from Cycling '74 allows owners of previous versions of Max/MSP to upgrade to Max 8, where they can harness the power of MC, NodeJS, Mappings, and countless improvements to the patching workflow and overall performance. Any previous full license of Max is eligible for this upgrade!

Max 8 is the latest version of Cycling '74's classic visual programming environment, Max/MSP/Jitter. Max 8 features many heavily redesigned features, making it overall considerably more efficient than its predecessors both in terms of CPU usage and user interaction. Special improvements to patching mechanics make it easier and faster than ever to patch objects together, while Mappings make it simple to control patches from the external world via MIDI and HID. And of course, low-level optimization makes Max 8 load faster and run more smoothly than any of its older siblings.

Perhaps Max 8's most notable additions are support for NodeJS, a Javascript platform that allows easy interaction with the computer's file structure, the Internet, and moreā€”and the MC wrapper, a means by which multiple iterations of individual objects can be centrally located and controlled. Making it easier than ever to breach into vast sonic complexity, and easier than ever to organize complex signal chains, MC is a revelation to users inspired by the options for iteration and "multichannel expansion" previously difficult to achieve in the Max environment. And of course, Max's built-in, easy-to-use visual synthesis/image processing library Vizzie now runs OpenGL and is more efficient than ever, running super smoothly and allowing higher FPS than was possible in prior versions.

The Max 8 upgrade is critical to artists embedded in the Max workflow, and provides countless possibilities for sound, image, and beyond that once were merely a daydream.

Max 8 Upgrade Features

  • Upgrade to Max 8 from any prior license for a full version of Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Patcher-based visual programming language for creating music, images, applications, and more
  • MC wrapper allows easy handling of complex multichannel signals
  • NodeJS support breaks Max's boundaries in all directions
  • Vizzie 2 features OpenGL support, offering smoother graphics and faster frame rates than before
  • Mappings make it easy to control Max from external devices with no patching!
  • Improvements to console and patching mechanics make it simpler than ever to observe and build patchers
  • Countless under-the-hood improvements make Max 8 run more smoothly than ever before
  • Mac system requirements: OSX 10.11.6 or higher, Intel Core2 Duo processor (minimum), Core i5 recommended, 8GB RAM recommended
  • PC System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit Intel or AMD multicore processor, 8GB RAM recommended
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