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Cre8audioEast Beast East Coast Semi-Modular Synthesizer

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Cre8audio East Beast

Unleash your ravenous side with Cre8audio's East Beast, a semi-modular synthesizer based around "East Coast" synthesis ideologies with a fully analog audio path. Designed in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular, East Beast further expands upon the amazing Lifeforms series and utilizes both an analog oscillator with classic and highly stable wave shapes as well as a PGH resonant multimode filter with low, band, and high pass modes. The oscillator and filter can be modulated in a number of ways, with pre-defined routings of the analog envelope straight to the fitler and options to route the analog dual LFO to the oscillator's FM and pulse width inputs for gnarly and thick timbres. Alongside its analog parameters, the East Beast features a multimode output for routing a digital multi-modulation source of LFO, envelope, and additional CV control to be patched anywhere throughout the device.

Easily create sequences with the 32-step sequencer and 13 savable memory points or craft real-time melodies with the onboard arpeggiator, easily syncable to the main clock. Speaking of the clock, time may be defined internally via a tap tempo button or synced externally via the clock input. Further sequencing can be done with a special generator mode in the sequencer or notes may be played externally via the MIDI I/O jacks found in the patch bay. Being a semi-modular synth and a flexible one at that, the East Beast can utilize all of its sub-modules to send out voltages to other Eurorack compatible modules or instruments, and the East Beast itself can be detached from its case and inserted into a standard Eurorack case. With an onboard keyboard to play along while you find your sound, the East Beast is one monstrous synthesizer capable of infecting your other synths with its terrorous sound and control.

East Beast Features

  • Semi-modular subtractive synth
  • Natural evolution from the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms series of semi-modular instruments
  • Controllable via MIDI or CV with 3.5mm TRS MIDI I/O and 17-point patch bay
  • Pittsburgh Modular analog oscillator with selectable wave shape (triangle, saw, sine, square)
  • PWM and FM inputs for oscillator modulation
  • Pittsburgh Modular PGH analog multimode, state variable filter (low, band, and high pass with combining options)
  • Integrated VCA
  • Analog ADSR envelope generator and dual range LFO with triangle wave output
  • Digital multi-mod for CV, random generator, LFO, and envelope generation
  • Internal clock with tap tempo and clock divider
  • 32-step sequencer with generative sequencing and MIDI manipulation/transposition
  • Clock-synced arpeggiator
  • Built-in keyboard with multi-funciton control
  • 25mm
  • 213mA @ +12V, 151mA @ -12V
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