Collision DevicesThe Ranch Boost + Drive + Tremolo Pedal


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Collision Devices The Ranch Boost + Drive + Tremolo Pedal

The Ranch from Collision Devices is a boost, drive, and tremolo pedal made with sustainable materials, perfect for adding a little extra body to your playing. It features three effects and two footswitches to activate the effects. On the right side, you have drive, controlled by the three knobs. Dust adds gain to the signal, bright controls the EQ and harmonic content, and strength sets the volume of the signal. On the left side, a single footswitch controls both the boost and tremolo. A short press engages the boost and a long press engages the tremolo. A short press followed by a long press turns both effects on. The tremolo reacts to your playing, oscillating faster as the volume increases. Give the pedal a little extra push with the boost engaged. Both the boost and tremolo feature trimmers inside the pedal to adjust their parameters. Use a screwdriver to set the depth and sensitivity of the tremolo, as well as the volume of the boost. The pedal features a US Walnut and Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber faux-leather construction, specifically selected for their sustainable ecological footprint. The Ranch adds a pleasant organic feel to your sounds, not too aggressive, but still with a lot of character.

The Ranch Features

  • Boost, drive, and tremolo pedal
  • Tremolo speed reacts to your playing
  • Add drive distortion with the dust knob
  • Control the harmonic content with Bright
  • Strength sets the volume of the signal
  • Boost adds a set volume boost to your playing
  • Adjust boost and tremolo settings with trimmers
  • Constructed of US Walnut and Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber faux-leather
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: TBD
Collision Devices The Ranch Boost + Drive + Tremolo Pedal Reviews