Ciat-LonbardeTocante Thyris Redd Solar-Powered Touch Synthesizer


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Each Ciat-Lonbarde instrument features a unique wood grain, no two are identical!

Ciat-Lonbarde Tocante Thyris Redd

Explore a world of touchable sound with the solar-powered Tocante Thyris Redd, an instrument from the mind behind Ciat-Lonbarde. Tocantes don't only have a unique look about them, but their usage of specifically tuned intervals as chosen by resistor values provides them with a unique musical vocabulary. You won't find 12-tone equal temperament here, but rather justly-tuned and neutral intervals for a beautifully different melodic and harmonic setting. The Redd Tocantes also differ in note choices from the Greens, meaning that a duo or mixed ensemble can delegate certain notes to certain instruments.

The name Thyris corresponds to both the triangular touch plate design and the use of triangle wave tone generators. Other parts of the instrument may be touched to introduce intermodulations and harmonies or dissonances. Tocantes also contain an internal battery recharged by sunlight, but you can use an external power supply at home in the dark. Extend your musical vocabulary with the Tocante Thyris Redd.

Tocante Thyris Redd Features

  • Portable touch synthesizer
  • Triangle tone generators
  • 24 notes, four octaves
  • Non-standard tuning
  • Solar-powered battery or PSU operation
  • Internal speaker or line output
  • Dimensions: 11" x 3.14" x 0.8" / 28 x 8 x 2 cm
  • Power: solar-rechargeable battery or 12V PSU (included)
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