Ciat-LonbardeTocante Bistab Redd Solar-Powered Touch Synthesizer


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Each Ciat-Lonbarde instrument features a unique wood grain, no two are identical!

Ciat-Lonbarde Tocante Bistab Redd

The Tocante Bistab Redd, from the universe of Ciat-Lonbarde, is a solar-powered touch synthesizer generating square waves in pre-tuned intervals. These intervals, as determined by the choice of resistors within the circuit, consist of a variety of musical intervals, though not necessarily derived from 12-tone equal temperament. Redd and Green Tocantes differ in their choice of resistors, meaning that an ensemble featuring a variety of these instruments can cover a range of musical colors.

Look no further than the design of the touch plates to determine what each Tocante sounds like. The Bistabs, featuring square shapes, contain pulse wave tone generators powered by sunlight and an internal battery or an external power supply. Each touch plate generates a note, where multiple touches create chords and dissonances. Performatively touching other places on the Tocante creates modulations, allowing for a range of different techniques and timbres to be discovered. Turn to another side of music-making with the Tocante Bistab Redd.

Tocante Bistab Redd Features

  • Portable touch synthesizer
  • Square wave tone generators
  • 24 notes across four octaves
  • Non-western tuning
  • Solar-charged battery or PSU operation
  • Built-in speaker or mono line output
  • Dimensions: 11" x 3.14" x 0.8" / 28 x 8 x 2 cm
  • Power: solar-rechargeable battery or 12V PSU (included)
Ciat-Lonbarde Tocante Bistab Redd Solar-Powered Touch Synthesizer Reviews