Chase Bliss AudioThermae Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter Pedal


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Chase Bliss Thermae Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter Pedal

Thermae is a new take on analog delay. It features an analog signal path comprised of 4 MN3005 BBD reissues. This signal path is subsequently influenced by Thermae's digital brain, giving users the ability to alter delay time in a musically meaningful way, creating intervals that open the possibility for harmonization and other sonic deviance. Things get even more insane when automatically sequencing or manually manipulating intervals, lending users a potent advantage in terms of purposeful composition. This enables Thermae to be used for traditional delay applications, with the ability to execute unique and effective modulations.

Thermae Features

  • Analog delay and pitch shifter
  • Digital brain, fully analog signal path
  • Signal path comprised of 4 re-issued MN3005 BBD chips
  • Can be configured as traditional delay with ample modulation options
  • Current Draw: 200mA
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