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Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Analog Gainstage

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Chase Bliss Brothers

The Chase Bliss Audio Brothers is an all-analog gainstage pedal that provides an array of features in one compact and convenient enclosure. The pedal makes use of two JFET/IC circuits, which can be stacked in a variety of ways to create crunch or fuzz style effects. The pedal is capable of being configured in thirty-three ways, with the ability to store and recall each preset.

Brothers Features

  • Six Unique boost, drive, or fuzz circuits in one pedal
  • 33 distinct routing ways 
  • Parallel or Serial patching of the circuits 
  • Setting recall via pedal or MIDI
  • All analog signal patch 
  • Digital brain for precise recall  
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
Product Demo Videos
Pedalboard of the Week 1
Here we are jamming' with the Electro Harmonix - 720 Stereo Looper, Earthquaker Devices - Grand Orbiter, Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Darkstar v2 and the Chase Bliss Audio - Brothers.

The 720 offers 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time with unlimited overdubbing and up to 10 independent saved loops.
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