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Cavern Of Anti-Matter  - void beats/invocation trex

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Cavern Of Anti-Matter - void beats/invocation trexCavern Of Anti-Matter; void beats/invocation trex

Catalog Number: LP-DUHF-33
Format: 3LP in wide-spined sleeve with DL card and insert


  • A1. Tardis Cymbals
  • B1. Blowing My Nose Under Close Observation
  • B2. Insect Fear
  • B3. Melody In High Feedback Tones
  • C1. Hi-Hats Bring The Hiss
  • C2. Liquid Gate
  • D1. Pantechnicon
  • D2. Black Glass Actions
  • E1. Planetary Folklore
  • E2. Echolalia
  • F1. Void Beat
  • F2. Zone Null
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